Four More Top Tallahassee FL Restaurants Plus Four Bonus Picks

Four top Tallahassee restaurants were discussed in the last article, and this article is going to discuss four more, along with some bonuses. Hey, you can beat that when these establishments are hand selected out of over 600 restaurants in the state capital of Tallahassee, Florida. Don’t you want to sit down and relax, knowing you have already done your homework? Good food is on the way.

Cypress Restaurant is on E Tennessee Street, and they serve up steak, pecan pie, grits, oysters, turnovers and great cocktails according to reviewers. Other menu favorites include scallops, tuna tartar, tile fish, mushroom soup and more. The menu may be a tad pricey, but the ambiance is great and you are on vacation anyway.

Are you craving some delicious breakfast? Maple Street Biscuit Company is your spot. It is on West Call Street, and they also have delicious fried green tomatoes, chicken club sandwiches and home fries. Reviews talk about the grits being some of the best so you have the grits from the first two restaurants making the highlights. It is safe to say you’re not going to find any grits at the next place though.

Momo’s Pizza is one of the top pizza places in the city of Tallahassee, and it has two locations. One of the locations is on Market Street, and the reviews say there is pizza as big as your head. That makes you want to stop by for sure, and do you think pizza and beer are a great American tradition? If you do, Momo’s Pizza has a great beer selection they say, too. It’s not time to order delivery; it’s time to eat at the restaurant.

While a top burger restaurant was part of the last article’s four picks, the 4th pick here in this one is going to be a burger bar. Grub Burger Bar is located on Thomasville Road, and aside from the great burgers, they also serve up Greek Chicken and milkshakes with alcohol in them. If you’re not sure about the last one, me either but the place looks like a hit.

While these four top Tallahassee FL restaurants should show you a good time, you’re going to get four for names to round out the picks for this city. You’re on your own after that, so here goes. Four of the restaurants that also could’ve been featured are The Blue Halo, Sahara Greek-Lebanese, Ruby’s Diner and Gordo’s Cuban Cuisine.