Four Top Ranked Tallahassee Restaurants For Your Florida Vacation

The state of Florida is an all around great travel destination, and Tallahassee is its capital city. Tally may not be the most populous city, and it may not be the one that tourists flock to the most but hey, it’s stiff competition in the sunshine state. It’s good enough that Tallahassee is the capital city, and there are not only great things to do and see but great places to eat. These top Tallahassee FL restaurants should be picks you can depend upon for a good experience.

You may not walk around saying cool beans anymore, but let me tell you, Kool Beanz Kafe looks like a cool place. They even spelled it differently for you. It’s located on Thomasville Road, and it is serving up duck, flank steak, seafood and more. Reviews mention the artwork, and they also mention the place has a good vibe. You want good food, but you want a good atmosphere, too.

These restaurants are top ranked establishments for a good reason, and the next featured restaurant is going to be Midtown Caboose on Meridian Road. It is known for its burgers, pulled pork, sandwiches and more. The reviews say that Midtown Caboose has quite the large menu, and part of that is due to all of the burger choices. Now that’s the place to eat a good burger on vacation in Tallahassee, Florida.

You’ve likely pegged the first two restaurants as must visits, so let’s see if the next one clicks. It is time for some delicious Italian food. Can you already smell the lasagna and fresh Parmesan? Can you taste the Tiramisu and the Moscato? Bella Bella is your top spot for Italian cuisine in Tallahassee and heads up, the twist on their lasagna is its Sicilian Lasagna with Italian sausage. If you’re not up for a full dessert like Tiramisu or Italian chocolate cake then opt for a cappuccino as it’s mentioned in reviews as a delicious dessert choice.

The next spot is a good one, too, a diner called Canopy Road Cafe. It is on North Monroe Street. Not only do you get the diner atmosphere and other things you expect, but you get a few bonuses you might not expect. For example, they serve up some delicious smoked sausage and sweet potato pancakes according to the reviews. Hopefully these top four restaurants in Tallahassee sound like a plan for your Florida vacation.